Where is Choquequirao, the lost city of Peru?

Also known as the sacred sister of Machu Picchu, Choquequirao (which means “Cradle of Gold”) is today the archaeological complex of an ancient, remote and spectacular Inca city, which takes place at the junction of three important rivers and the Salcantay mountain. behind their backs. MORE INFORMATION OF CHOQUEQUIRAO TREK
Archeologists estimate that the city has been explored and cleaned between 30% and 40%, estimating that it far exceeds the famous Machu Pichu in size.
Chosen by travelers who prefer to avoid the large masses of tourists, or by lovers of hiking and unspoilt nature, this ancient Inca city in southern Peru offers anyone who is encouraged to visit it an unforgettable and unforgettable experience. .

Below you will be able to find the necessary information so that you do not stop adding Choquequirao to the list of places to visit as soon as possible:

How to get to the old city?

To get to Choquequirao it is necessary to take a four-day (preferably guided) walk. In case of doing it on your own, you have to go first to the small town of Cachora.

You can take a bus from Cusco, on a trip that takes about five hours and from this place you can rent mules and a guide, and in this way save a few dollars, which are the ones charged by the tourism agencies that sell the different excursions.
The 4-day walk to make the round trip is 3 times more difficult than the famous Inca Trail, and also requires camping or sleeping in one of the towns that serve as stops.

Once there, you must pay the entrance to the park, which costs 60 soles for adults (about $ 18) and 30 soles for minors or students ($ 9). CHOQUEQUIRAO TREK INFORMATION


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