The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has a significant number of Archaeological Sites, distributed along the route.

  • Llactapata
  • Qoriwayrachina
  • Paucarcancha
  • Warmiwañuska
  • Runkurakay
  • Sayaqmarka
  • Phuyupatamarka
  • Wiñaywayna
  • Intipata
  • Intipunku
  • Inca bridges on the Inca Trail

An important site on the route is Wiñaywayna – “Eternamente Joven”, it is an archaeological site belonging to the Inca period, built by the Inca Pachacutec, the maximum representative of the Inca Culture, known as the architect of the Inca period. The name corresponds to an orchid that abounds in the place. Wiñaywayna is 2,650 m away. / 8,694 ft. 5 km southeast of the main Llaqta of Machu Picchu.
This architectural complex of Wiñaywayna, corresponds to the plan of a small town, are a group of houses grouped together, in a single courtyard, in the manner of the current condominiums. The possible dwelling areas have trapezoidal-style niches and door openings with a single jamb.
The monument is surrounded by platforms of different sizes, which responded to the function, either for agriculture or containment to prevent soil erosion. You can notice the structures, the gables for the thatched roofs that were fastened with rings.
Likewise, the set of liturgical sources stand out, on a strongly sloped surface, the entire small city is made of granite rock and seen from a high part, clearly, we can notice that it has the same architectural distribution as Machu Picchu.
From this place the Inca Trail, is shown almost horizontal, the path gets smoother, they rise up by long stairs that bring us closer to Inti Punku, the entrance door to Machu Picchu.



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